IntelliPoint 6.0 Mouse Software for Mac OS 10.2.x to 10.4 (excluding 10.0 and 10.1) - Français

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    Microsoft Mouse 60.dmg

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    3.6 MB

      IntelliPoint software enables you to customize the features of your Microsoft® r mouse to fit your needs. With IntelliType/IntelliPoint software, you can reassign many of the buttons to open a program, file, or Web page, or to perform commands, such as Magnify, Zoom,Show Desktop, or other application-specific functions. You can disable keys you sometimes press accidentally, like CAPS LOCK, and modify keyboard settings, such as updated horizontal scrolling and zoom slider performance. IntelliPoint software even offers extended application support, as well as biometrics support for advanced identity management.
  • Système d'exploitation pris en charge

    Mac OS X

      Mac OS X version 10.2.x to 10.4 (excluding 10.0and 10.1)
      30MB hard disk space
      An available USB port

    • - When downloading, save the installation file to a location on your hard disk.
      - If you are using a Microsoft keyboard and mouse desktop product, you may also need to download and install IntelliPoint mouse software for Macintosh.