Electrical Contractor Advances Agility Through Platform Migration and Upgrade

Trapped in a proprietary ERP platform requiring them to turn to their original provider for all changes, Control & Applications Emirates sought a solution that would let them make changes readily, enabling full project visibility and control, improving financial reporting, and greater ease-of-use. Deciding to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX, CAE selected CEM Business Solutions as the partner of choice because of CEM’s dependability and past track record.

Control & Applications Emirates (CAE) is a leading Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance Contractor based in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Since 1977, they have been deploying their expertise in servicing the Energy Sector in the Middle East and have achieved more than 16 Million safe man hours. Clients regard them as a company who demonstrates commitment to quality, assurance on delivery and expertise in EPC. One of their most notable projects is all of the electrical engineering for Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, the world’s largest indoor theme park.

*Users can see what is going on with each entire project, which was not available before. Currency is automatically correct, and the purchase module makes it easy to compare what was ordered with what was received.*

Mr. Reda Mikhail
ERP Team Leader


CAE found itself trapped in a relationship with a developer whose ERP software was so proprietary that every change had to be made by them, and all at a fee. The system did not feature any provisions for integrated project accounting nor coordination with purchasing. There was no way to leverage reporting to drill deeper down for more meaningful answers that would help manage the company more efficiently. Making matters worse, the ERP system did not even comply with generally accepted accounting procedures or practices, and did not make any provisions for data integrity management, rendering it totally unreliable.

The Project Module was the Key
After briefly reviewing available platforms, CAE became convinced they would be best served by a Microsoft Dynamics solution, but weren’t sure which would be the best fit. A careful review of the Project and Financials modules with Microsoft partner CEM Business Solutions helped them decide that Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 would be their best choice not only for the current requirements, but also to accommodate future growth.

“Our existing solution was not reliable,” explains CAE ERP Team Leader Reda Mikhail. “There were many posting problems, and growing companies like ours need reliable software.”

Data Migration
CAE’s existing system did not integrate data from project activities with the financials. While it was initially assumed that it would simply be the case going forward that all the data would be integrated, Mikhail was pleased to find that he could manually integrate the archived using the front-end tools provided with Dynamics AX. Mikhail notes that while the older projects won’t have the same level of detail as future projects will, at least they have the financial data correlated, and this alone makes a big difference.

Mikhail is particularly pleased with the reporting capabilities of Dynamics AX. “One big benefit of the Financials model,” explains Mikhail, “is that we can have check printing reports that make it easy for users to preview check runs.”

Also, points out Mikhail, “Most of our users can see what is going on with the entire project, which was not available before. Currency is automatically corrected, and the purchase module makes it much easier to compare what was ordered to what was received. This is of huge value to our company.”

Impact on Operations
“Microsoft Dynamics AX has had a big impact on CAE because we now have one standard system so we can monitor all aspects of our projects and our accounting,” says Reda Mikhail. “All accounts are clearly detailed with concise, comprehensive, accurate reports that we did not have before.”

When asked what has pleased them most about the transition, Mikhail is quick to point out, “There is not as much customization needed as before, and we can do most of it ourselves. We can monitor all of our sites with out-of-the box administrative reports directly from AX. Only some are customized. We can see how long people are here. Even our customized reports take all required data from AX. It is a wonderful platform.”

“After successful implementation at CAE, we further engaged CEM to implement AX in other 21 group companies. CEM continues to be our support partner on AX” concluded Mikhail.

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Document published November 2013

Taille de l'entreprise du client: Large Organization
Secteur: Architecture, Engineering & Construction
Pays ou région: United Arab Emirates
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
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