Software Developer Helps Businesses Boost Efficiency with CRM Client for Smartphones

To help businesses improve efficiency in the field, CWR Mobility developed an application for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that runs on Windows Phone. As a result, businesses of any size can improve operational efficiency with Windows Phone and mobile CRM capabilities. Employees can enhance productivity by managing their business and professional lives with one device. In addition, the solution simplifies development and implementation.

Business Needs

Headquartered in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, CWR Mobility develops customer relationship management (CRM) solutions based on Microsoft software. Running on smartphones, the company’s applications are used by mobile sales teams and service professionals in multiple industries. CWR Mobility is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with worldwide reseller partnerships. More than 10,000 people in 24 countries use its products.

*With the cloud-based environment, businesses can give employees a Windows Phone device and almost immediately implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. We can turn them on in literally five minutes.  *

Erik van Hoof
CWR Mobility

CWR Mobility knew that most companies were using specialized software for customer support activities such as managing contracts and scheduling services. However, they often lacked a solution that would give mobile employees access to critical corporate information in the field. To help organizations improve efficiency, the company decided to design software for Windows Phone that would connect with corporate data and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM sales, customer service, and marketing solutions are designed to help businesses improve operational efficiency and customer interaction.

The company believed that smartphones were the best choice for a CRM client because they were convenient and portable, but most importantly, they had evolved from a communications device to an essential workflow tool. In addition to email, calendar, and contact information, customers increasingly wanted access to line-of-business applications through their phones. “If I make a call to a customer, and he has some concerns about an order, I can address his concerns immediately if I have the right information at the right time,” says Erik van Hoof, Founder of CWR Mobility. “That has high value.”

With Windows Phone, CWR Mobility would be ready for the next wave in communications. “We see CRM integration really taking off where the line between my contacts and my company’s contacts starts to blur,” says van Hoof. “Business life and personal life are becoming much more connected than before, and people want a device that supports that interaction.”


CWR Mobility had worked extensively with Windows Mobile products and became an early adopter of Windows Phone the moment it heard about its release in March 2010. “Microsoft has always delivered the right tools to build on different types of hardware and work with multiple technology and services.” says van Hoof. “Windows Phone was an obvious platform for our Microsoft Dynamics CRM project.”

CWR Mobility also wanted to take advantage of the phone’s smart design. “Unlike other phones, Windows Phone is very task-oriented,” says van Hoof. “You can look in one location and see all the information needed for a specific activity.”

The company began working on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online application for Windows Phone in May 2010 and developed an early version of the software within six weeks. It shipped its first version to market six months later.

Created with the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate development system, the CRM client runs on the Microsoft Silverlight 4 browser plug-in. Van Hoof says, “The resources that Microsoft provides help you get a lot done quickly.”

Customers worldwide can install the CWR Mobile CRM application directly from the Windows Phone Marketplace. In less than five minutes, they can enter their company’s credentials and access corporate data and Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality. As a result, they can be more productive immediately from almost any location. The application also works seamlessly with Microsoft Office and Bing Maps, all of which are native to Windows Phone. In contrast, competing smartphones often require purchasing additional software to work with Office products.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, administrators can configure data management and workflow with the ability to deploy changes rapidly. The point-and-click configuration tools are available through any web browser.


By taking advantage of the CWR Mobile CRM client running on Windows Phone, employees can work more efficiently with access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to drive business results. Microsoft tools and technology also simplify both development and implementation.

Improved Productivity and Results

Through the CWR Mobile CRM client and Windows Phone, employees can be more productive with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The phone’s smart design also improves efficiency. For example, a user can look up a contact and see not just phone numbers and email addresses, but also social-networking activity combined with CRM information. “The border between the personal and business world is fading,” says van Hoof. “For example, with the CWR Mobile CRM client on Windows Phone, I can go straight from looking at a dentist appointment in my calendar to a business meeting without starting another application.”

Simplified Implementation

Businesses of any size can more easily extend the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to mobile employees. “With the cloud-based environment, businesses can give employees a Windows Phone device and almost immediately implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online,” says van Hoof. “We can turn them on in literally five minutes.”

Rapid Development

Developing a solution for Windows Phone was easier than anticipated. Van Hoof says, “Even with all of our prior knowledge and experience, when we saw the look and feel of the application, we were really surprised by what we were able to do so quickly with Windows Phone.”

He adds, “The other big benefit is that it’s a lot easier to connect with the cloud and online services. Microsoft has a huge advantage over other platforms.”

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Pays ou région: Netherlands
  • Windows Phone
  • Microsoft Office Mobile
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate
  • Bing Maps
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
  • Microsoft Office Online
  • Microsoft Silverlight 4
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CWR Mobility creates enterprise solutions that work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM software. The company has customers in multiple industries and more than 10,000 users worldwide.

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