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Too Human Game Credits

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Too Human
Game Manual

Game Manual

Developer: Silicon Knights
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 08/19/2008
Platform: Xbox 360




  • David Bridgham, Producer
  • Deanna Hearns, Producer
  • Chris Lee, Producer
  • Steven Hill, Producer
  • Peter Wong, Executive Producer
  • Shannon Loftis, Executive Producer
  • Laura Fryer, Executive Producer
  • Chris Kimmell, Executive Producer
  • Tim Znamenacek, Executive Producer
  • Bonnie Ross-Ziegler, Director of Production


  • Josh Wexler, Integrator
  • Austin Appleby, Development Lead
  • Phil Teschner, Development Lead
  • Greg Hermann, Development Lead
  • Aaron Nicholls, Development Manager
  • David Berger, Development Manager
  • Tony Cox, Director of Engineering


  • Ken Lobb, Creative Director
  • Greg Murphy, Design Director
  • William Hodge, Design Director
  • Josh Atkins, Senior Design Director
  • Ryan Wilkerson, Art Director
  • Kiki Wolfkill, Senior Art Director
  • Kristofor Mellroth, Audio Lead
  • Tobin Buttram, Audio Director
  • Guy Whitmore, Senior Audio Director

Microsoft Soundlab

  • Peter Comley, Sound Design
  • Keith Sjoquist (Rompus Recordings Inc.), Sound Design/Editor/Session Engineer
  • Mark Yeend (Sakson and Taylor), Sound Design/Mixing
  • Ken Kato, Audio Production Director/Sound Design

Microsoft Japan Soundlab

  • Kazutaka Yamaguchi, Audio Lead
  • Yoshikazu Kamata, Audio Director

Orchestral Music

  • Stan LePard, Orchestrator/Producer
  • Roman Valek, Petr Altrichter, Conductor
  • Stanislav Mistr, Choir Master
  • Jan Kotzmann, Sound Engineer (Prague)
  • Cenda Kotzmann, Assistant Engineer (Prague)
  • Petr Pycha for MUSA, Ltd., Music Contractor
  • Stepanka Pychova, Alto Solo
  • Keith Sjoquist, Sound Engineer (Seattle)
  • Rob Tucker, Percussionist
  • Gunther Folsom, Percussionist
  • Simon James, Violin Solo


  • Jeff Shea, Test Lead
  • Justin Robey, Test Lead
  • Kishore Alavalapati, Tester
  • Josh Bell, Tester
  • Adrian Brown, Tester
  • Chris Shaules, Tester
  • Alex Cutting, Tester
  • Kevin Dodd, Tester
  • Jeremy Fischer, Tester
  • Tian Li, Tester
  • Tiffany Walsh, Tester
  • Joe Whitman, Tester
  • Rob Lamb (Volt), Tester
  • Michael Jorgensen (Volt), Tester
  • Stella Ng (Volt), Tester
  • Mercedes San Juan (Volt), Tester
  • Xhavar Strothers (Volt), Tester
  • James Costello (Volt), Tester
  • Mori Marchany (Volt), Tester
  • Shannon Phillips (Excell Data Corporation), Tester
  • Test Manager, Tester
  • Jimbo Pfeiffer, Tester
  • Greg B. Jones, Group Test Manager

User Research

  • Bruce Phillips, User Research Engineer
  • Eric Schuh, User Research Lead
  • Dennis Wixon, User Research Manager

User Experience

  • Kevin Grace, Content Editor
  • Josh Ortega, Content Writer
  • Ginny Baldwin (Sakson & Taylor), Manual Designer
  • Dana Ludwig, Document Design Lead
  • Keith Cirillo, Content Publishing Manager

Business Development and Management

  • Jay Ong, Business Management
  • Nick Dimitrov, Group Business Manager
  • Todd Stevens, Director, Business Management
  • Sébastien Motte, Director, Business Development
  • Frank Pape, Senior Director, Business Development


  • John Dongelmans, Senior Global Product Manager
  • Rob Semsey, Global PR Manager

Special Thanks

  • Craig Davison, Director, Global First Party Marketing
  • Justin Kirby, Lead Marketing Manager
  • Catherine Haller (Ten Gun Design)
  • Taylor Smith, Group MARCOM Manager
  • Genevieve Waldman, Senior Group Manager, PR
  • Raja Subramoni, Group Product Manager
  • Chris Lee, Group Product Manager
  • Eric Kwan (Edelman)
  • Chris Monfette (Edelman)
  • Robert Taylor (Edelman)


  • U.S.
  • Lief Thompson, Localization Program Manager
  • EMEA
  • John Byrne, Program Manager
  • John O'Sullivan, Test Lead
  • Alan Davis, Lead Tester
  • Jason Shirley, Audio Lead
  • Thomas Regan, Engineer
  • Ben Cahill, Documentation
  • Taiwan
  • Lana Peng, Program Manager
  • Vincent Tsai (104), Tester
  • Wen-Chin Deng, Test Lead
  • Aurore Liang (104), Localization Program Manager
  • Korea
  • Yoonhee Jung, Program Manager
  • Jun Hyeong Kim, Test Lead
  • Se Min Jeon, Localization Program Manager
  • China
  • Tom Tang, Program Manager
  • Jiliang Li, Localization Program Manager
  • Dean Wang, Software Test Engineer
  • Hary Shi, Software Test Engineer
  • Tao Lin, Software Test Engineer
  • Japan
  • Shinya Muto, Program Manager
  • Junya Chiba, Test Lead

Special Thanks

  • Peter Moore, CVP, Interactive Entertainment
  • Don Mattrick, SVP, Interactive Entertainment
  • Shane Kim, CVP, MGS
  • Phil Spencer, General Manager


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