Keynote II - What’s new in .NET development?

Freitag, 08. November 2013

Immo Landwerth & Andrew Pardoe

What’s new in the latest version of .NET? Version 4.5.1 delivers developer productivity, application performance and continuous innovation, all while maintaining a high compatibility bar. In this presentation we’ll walk through the features you asked for such as diagnostics features, library enhancements and improvements to the core of .NET.

Video: Keynote II - What’s new in .NET development?

Über die Sprecher

Immo Landwerth - As a program manager working on the .NET Core Framework team, I design features for the Base Class Libraries (BCL) and drive API consistency across the .NET Framework.

Andrew Pardoe has been a Program Manager on the .NET Common Language Runtime team since .NET 3.5. He is responsible for the core execution engine, code generation, diagnostics and pretty much everything else under the hood. He joined Microsoft in 2002 and worked on the C++ optimizer QA team for five years before seeing the light.

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