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How to get the most value from the cloud, while ensuring data protection and compliance

18 July 2012 | Elias Ramos, Western Europe Government Director

By now, Europe has reached a consensus on the value of cloud computing, and many government organizations understand the technology’s potential to cut costs and boost efficiency. While the economics of the cloud are solid, some customers still have questions about making the transition and how to ensure privacy, data security, and compliance.

A common misconception is that as cloud computing grows in popularity, new challenges regarding privacy and compliance arise. In actuality, the cloud provides a huge opportunity to solve the increasingly complex compliance challenges that governments face. This is especially true as governments cope with transitioning to a digital economy. The question for governments embracing the cloud becomes: How can we ensure that our data is safe and secure and that we will remain compliant when using cloud services? 

One way to do this is by selecting a cloud solution that meets rigorous industry standards, such as ISO-27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA-BAA and FISMA. Microsoft Office 365, for instance, is the only major business productivity public cloud service provider to sign the standard contractual clauses created by the European Union (called the “EU Model Clauses”) with all customers. EU Model Clauses address international transfer of data. Microsoft is furthermore the only cloud service provider to have its approach to the European Model Clauses acknowledged by European data protection authorities.

Microsoft puts customers first, and because of this, we understand customer needs and invest in data security and safety in a dramatically different way than our competitors. If you’d like to learn more about Microsoft’s commitment to data protection in the cloud, I invite you to check out Microsoft’s Office 365 Trust Center.

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Elias Ramos
Western Europe Government Director

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