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Making Public Data Public

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Transform government and achieve clarity and compliance with cost-effective solutions.

How can you meet demands for transparency and visibility?

  • Manage and use data for faster, more informed decisions
  • Ensure the necessary controls for accountability and compliance
  • Facilitate transparency and interoperability using open government principles and standards

Use data wisely and streamline processes

Perform and collaborate on critical trend analysis based on real-time information, including Big Data analytics.

Apply predictive analytics to uncover unexpected patterns and associations, and develop models to guide front-line interactions — ultimately enhancing service while reducing costs.

And increase the operational efficiency of your IT department by giving users the power to create compelling self-service business intelligence solutions.

Rethink compliance controls and address security concerns

Innovative technology can be applied to manage complex regulatory, budgetary, and compliance requirements while efficiently using taxpayer dollars.

Through shared services across multiple organizations, you can increase productivity and provide instant, role-tailored access to data to help users prioritize tasks and connect key business processes with results.

Consistent processes and quality standards should be established to improve workflows and get advanced reporting metrics for deeper data analysis.

Become a more open government

Make data secure and accessible to anyone to use for any purpose, without requirements for identification or registration – even in an open format.

With the right tools, you can collect, organize, and use community data to augment agency data, improve data quality, and drive innovation. And, allow the use of innovative techniques such as crowd-source problem solving and real-time citizen collaboration to fully utilize community expertise.