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Microsoft for Public Safety & National Security

Dutch Public Prosecution Service Deploys Mobile Applications to Improve Productivity

06 February 2014 | Dr. Andrew Hawkins, Managing Director, Public Safety and Justice, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft Corporation
Touch-enabled devices allow access to legal data in court, at home, or on the road for real-time collaboration

Live from IDEX: Groundbreaking technology that’s changing national defense

15 February 2013 | Jennifer Steele, Senior Marketing Manager, Worldwide Public Sector
A peek into the technology and partner solutions on display this year at IDEX 2013

The revolution will be optimized: technology for the next generation of public safety and national defence

08 February 2013 | Wayne Phillips, Industry Lead, Public Safety and National Security business, Microsoft EMEA
Windows 8 redefines security, mobility and productivity on land, at sea and in the air.

It’s a Windows 8 World: What the New OS Means for Public Safety and National Defense Organizations

13 November 2012 | Mark Whittington, General Manager, Worldwide Public Safety and National Security
New operating system delivers improved data security, increased mobility and unprecedented flexibility for a more productive workforce at home, at the office and anywhere around the world.

Why transparency in the cloud matters

27 March 2012 | Kellie Ann Chainier, Director of Office Regulatory and Policy Strategy, Worldwide Public Sector
Find out how to assess cloud providers’ privacy practices to ensure the highest standards in data protection.