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Public safety demands secure collaboration

26 April 2012 | Martin Slijkhuis, Public Safety and National Security Industry Lead, Microsoft Western Europe

​Earlier this year, I talked about secure collaboration as a fundamental component for driving defense logistics. The need to share data among a distributed group of stakeholders in military supply chain continues to increase with the increased complexity of platforms supported, particularly with regard to the complex logistics required to support 21st century supply chains.

The design, manufacturing, and maintenance of a single platform like a helicopter could require collaboration among hundreds of independent companies providing products and services over its lifecycle. These companies all need access to product information and maintenance data, but their access must be carefully managed to preserve the data integrity and intellectual property of all parties.

However, collaboration across so many diverse stakeholders requires carefully defined access and privacy rules to maintain a secure environment. This type of collaboration is necessary not only in the defense, aerospace, and national security industries, but is a key driver in automotive and other commercial sectors as well.

That’s why I was so excited to hear Eurostep CEO Håkan Kårdén’s announcement last week at the Defence Support Strategies conference in Copenhagen. Håkan took the opportunity to unveil Share-A-space® 7.3, the latest version of the company’s leading software application for secure collaboration, with brand new security features. The new version’s state-of-the-art security features were designed by Microsoft and Eurostep and include an enhanced access rights engine and identity management capabilities that deliver more secure collaboration along with improved ease of use and ease of systems management.

Tools like Share-A-space 7.3 help us utilize technology to help transform our processes and improve secure collaboration in the defense supply chain. We look forward to our continued partnership with Eurostep and the ongoing development of next-generation security solutions.

Read the full news release at Eurostep’s website.

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Martin Slijkhuis
Public Safety and National Security Industry Lead, Microsoft Western Europe

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