Uncovering the real ROI of innovative city technologies

04 October 2013 | Gary Wachowicz, Industry Managing Director, Worldwide Public Sector

Pioneering technologies that enable sustainable and more economically competitive cities is an exciting business. For years, the team at Windows Embedded has been developing the platforms that power intelligent systems—end-to-end solutions that connect industry devices to back-end datacenters, harnessing big data and driving all kinds of new, actionable intelligence. Where intelligent systems intersect with cities, true efficiencies arise—as do sustainability, convenience and quality of life. It is the Internet of Things, coming soon to power a city near you.

The Microsoft CityNext initiative is evidence of Microsoft’s commitment to innovative city technologies, and showcases the incredible potential of these solutions. I recently watched an excellent Gartner webinar, which addressed some of that potential: the business opportunities and challenges of building “smart” cities via the Internet of Things. It is the ROI story behind all of the sustainability, innovation and automation, and a fascinating glimpse at the implications of these technologies. You can watch it, and learn a bit more about how the Internet of Things is driving innovative city technology forward, by reading the full blog here.

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Gary Wachowicz
Industry Managing Director, Worldwide Public Sector

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