Buildings, Infrastructure & Planning

Improve operations and energy efficiency with automated solutions that integrate data from multiple sensors, controls, and line-of-business applications.

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Prepare students for the 21st-century economy and help your city compete globally with end-to-end solutions that provide better access to technology and skills-development resources. Educate more effectively with innovative learning management systems and analytics tools.

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Create tourism portals that streamline trip-planning with features such as interactive mapping, personalized profiles, reservation booking, and real-time customer service.

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Reduce gridlock, enhance public transportation services, and improve infrastructure management with innovative solutions based on Microsoft cloud technologies.

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Government Administration

Automate manual process, make data-driven decisions, and improve services with online tools. Improve transparency and citizen participation by providing cloud-based access to information.

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Energy and Water

Optimize water, waste, and energy management with scalable solutions that integrate real-time and historical data from multiple sources, including renewable energy systems.

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Public Safety

Innovative mobile, social media, analytics, and web-based communications tools help cities, citizens, and law-enforcement officials share information to improve safety and quality of life.

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Provide better access to healthcare and more personalized services through an ecosystem of smart devices and mobile solutions.

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Empowering People to Create More Sustainable and Economically Competitive Cities

Growing faster than ever before, cities are the economic and cultural hubs that drive global economies and environmental change. Today's cities are experiencing unprecedented challenges including rapid urbanization, modernization mandates, and economic austerity pressures. Microsoft knows that the solution isn't technology, special projects, or government mandates—it's people. Microsoft CityNext is a global initiative that harnesses the power of people—whether as citizens, in businesses, or in governments—to create healthier, greener, safer, and more prosperous places to live.

CityNext helps cities evolve with a new era of innovation that includes the right combination of cloud technology, mobile devices, data analytics, and social networks. Through CityNext, Microsoft and its vast partner network empower cities to take a people-first approach and make a real impact.

Find out how to transform your city and engage citizens and businesses with apps, social media, and collaboration tools that enable not just real-time access to information and services, but real dialog as well. Accelerate change and get ready for the future with dynamic ecosystems that nurture tech start-ups, students, and entrepreneurs. Changing cities can change the world, and it starts with people and CityNext.

Change starts now—what's next for your city?