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Reimagine your city and ride another wave of growth

05 September 2014 | Laura Ipsen, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft
Microsoft’s VP for Worldwide Public Sector discusses how CityNext is helping China’s cities reimagine the future and form a competitive edge.

NYC Office of Emergency Management

11 July 2014
CityNext Solution Blog

Building the ‘data dividend’ for citizens

23 June 2014 | Gary Wachowicz, Industry Managing Director, Worldwide Public Sector
Smart cities around the world stand to gain $206 billion in value over the next four years by using the data they collect. Here are 4 areas with the biggest ROI.

3 city-clusters that are shaping the future

11 June 2014 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
What can we learn from a diamond, a triangle, and a diagonal? That the key to geometric growth and urban sustainability might be right next door.

Technology is a catalyst for building innovative and people-centred cities across Asia

04 November 2013 | Vijay Jagannathan, Secretary General, CityNet
A new narrative for Asian urbanization: focus on boundless opportunities and appetite for change

How China is connecting a billion-plus citizens with the world’s longest high-speed rail line

25 October 2013 | Lane Swensen, Senior Product Marketing Specialist, Software, Invensys
The first 75 miles debuted with the 2008 Beijing Olympics. At full build-out in 2020, the network will span 7,500 miles and 800 stations, all controlled by Invensys software

It’s cyber security month. Is your backdoor locked?

14 October 2013 | John Weigelt, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada
Cyber security is part technology and part personal initiative. Here are three actions you can take right now to make your agency cyber-secure.

City governments take lead on reducing energy consumption

04 March 2013 | Bill Mitchel, Senior Director for Microsoft’s World Wide Public Sector team
As the notion of environmental quality becomes more global, cities share in the responsibility of minimizing global pollution. Learn how cities are embracing technology to reduce their environmental impact and realize cost savings in the process.

How ERP accelerated support for smarter transit in Delhi

18 December 2012 | Rahul Chitale, Director, Cloud Services, Microsoft India
Delhi is the second most populated metropolis in India, and the demands on public transportation are enormous. Learn how a public-private venture company created more value for transport in Delhi by fast tracking its own business with ERP.

Thai law enforcement taps into big data for investigations

11 September 2012 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
Big data solutions have a dramatic impact, streamlining and enhancing investigations.

Singapore's Ministry of Manpower transforms citizen services

12 June 2012 | Jeff Paine, Senior Director of Public Sector Partners, Asia Pacific
Find out how one government agency is using a SharePoint platform to help deliver efficient citizen services and open citizen engagement.

Microsoft Philippines National Agenda: Harnessing skills for global competitiveness

10 April 2012 | Michele Bedford Thistle, Business Manager, Government, National Security, and International Organizations, Worldwide Public Sector
Find out how Microsoft is helping the Philippines foster economic growth and maintain long-term competitiveness.