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Command and Control Systems Support Lifesaving Citizen Services in Sweden

30 April 2013 | Martin Slijkhuis, Public Safety and National Security Industry Lead, Microsoft Western Europe

​Keeping cities, towns, and communities safe is fundamental to maintaining a peaceful and prosperous global society. At Microsoft, we’re focused on the best way to support law enforcement and public safety agencies as they adapt to new challenges, new data resources, and new approaches to meeting their missions. The Spring 2013 issue of Touch Magazine features one great example of an organization embracing collaborative technology for improved citizen safety.

The Swedish County Ambulance Service is improving its incident response service by using a command, control and communication system called SAFE, a solution developed by our partner Saab Security and Safety Management. SAFE connects systems and resources to make necessary information accessible throughout the entire workflow, enabling the County Ambulance Service to optimize time and resources while also increasing security and safety. The result is superior situational awareness that provides the ability to manage both day-to-day tasks as well as incident responses much faster and more effectively. 

“There is a fundamental risk and potentially large consequence to society if these systems malfunction or fail to provide the expected services,” says Linda Wallin, product manager and head of communications at Saab Security and Safety Management. The domain awareness provided by the SAFE solution helps keep the chain of information and communication intact from the ambulance to the emergency room, or even from a crime scene to the courthouse.

The Swedish County Ambulance Service’s SAFE system aligns with the methods used locally for pre-hospital command and control as well as its pre-hospital trauma life support system. The team at Saab is also continuing to work with the Research Center of Disaster Medicine and Traumatology in Linköping, Sweden, to create a complete emergency care solution.

To ask questions, share ideas, or get more information about the SAFE solution or other command, control, and communications systems for public safety, please contact us at safetyanddefense@microsoft.com or @MicrosoftPSNS. Photo credit: Saab

Martin Slijkhuis
Public Safety and National Security Industry Lead, Microsoft Western Europe

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Martin Slijkhuis | Public Safety and National Security Industry Lead, Microsoft Western Europe

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