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Intelligence Systems

Intelligence Systems

Use insight to better understand multiple, complex, and multi-structured streams of information.

Police and other law enforcement agencies are increasingly turning to technology to create innovative intelligence and investigation solutions for preventing and combating crime. Whether your agency is working at the local level or collaborating with national or international organizations, Microsoft and its global partners can help you create solutions to:

  • Search, gather, and analyze complex streams of information.
  • Collaborate and communicate with enhanced security.
  • Effectively present information internally, across agencies, and to the public.

Search, gather, and analyze information
The ability to quickly gather, manage, and gain insight from information is paramount to effective crime prevention and mitigation. Our intelligence systems solutions can help you:

  • Incorporate information from diverse sources of structured and unstructured data, internally or externally, including legacy data systems, recordings from phone calls, and the Internet.
  • Take advantage of fusion centers that extract data from disparate sources—federal, state, local and tribal governments, and the private sector—and combine it into one complete picture to elevate awareness and improve planning, prevention, and response.
  • Provide search, analytics, monitoring, and tracking capabilities across a broad spectrum of information types to create a complete, integrated view.
  • Connect beyond your own network to get real-time information and communicate and collaborate with other agencies and forces.

Collaborate and communicate with enhanced security
Built on the principles of Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft intelligence system solutions include internationally recognized government and commercial standards. These solutions can help you:

  • Collaborate with a variety of agencies, allies, partners, and authorities with enhanced security.
  • Share information and collaborate in real time with local, national, and joint law enforcement and intelligence-related organizations or fusion centers.
  • Unite teams dispersed across the country, or across the world, to share insight, speed decisions and actions, and enhance control at all levels.
  • Tailor solutions to incorporate video streams, low bandwidth synchronous and asynchronous communication tools, team workspaces, customized email systems, integrated Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and mapping and mobile device support to help enable field operatives to contribute, share, and collaborate with colleagues.*

*Geographic Information System capabilities are not available in all geographies.

Effectively present information
To speed decisions and action, intelligence and investigation teams need the ability to quickly gain critical insights into data and present data and insights in a meaningful way. Our solutions can help you:

  • Provide teams with improved data visualization and analytical capabilities.
  • Provide online information on crime statistics, crime hot spots, and general information to help protect citizens and businesses.
  • Enable senior police officers to have a dynamic dashboard to access performance and prioritize scarce resources in line with government budgetary and service level agreements.

To learn more about Microsoft and partner solutions for intelligence systems for law enforcement agencies, see the resources in the sidebar. Or, find a Microsoft Public Safety and National Security partner. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​