Orlando Ayala

Chairman, Emerging Markets

Ayala is dedicated to helping federal, provincial, and local governments develop the digital infrastructure, educational programs, and human resource potential to turn their particular capabilities into a competitive advantage on an international scale. By partnering with leading technology partners, multilateral organizations, and non-governmental organizations, Ayala's highly focused group aims to use technology as a transforming force in initiatives designed to advance the national agendas around the world, whether in education, health, citizen services, citizen safety, or academic and industry research. His goal is to improve access to technology and education that will offer new ways for individuals, communities, and entire countries to realize their potential in the coming years.

In his 20-year history with the company, Ayala has served in a number of roles, joining the company as the senior director of the Latin America region. Ayala opened 33 worldwide subsidiaries as senior vice president of the Intercontinental region before taking on the role of group vice president of the worldwide Sales Marketing and Services Group. Ayala went on to run the Small and Midmarket Solutions and Partner group, during which time he also took on the role of chief operating officer of the then-nascent Microsoft Dynamics business.