How ERP accelerated support for smarter transit in Delhi

18 December 2012 | Rahul Chitale, Director, Cloud Services, Microsoft India

Delhi, which includes the Indian capital New Delhi, is the second most populated metropolis in India, and has a population of roughly 16.3 million people. Mobilizing this massive population is a daily challenge, requiring a fast, efficient and multi-modal transit system to serve the citizens of Delhi.

The Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd (DIMTS)—a joint venture company set up with equal equity from the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi and India’s Infrastructure Development Finance Company —contributes significantly to urban mobility in Delhi through its spectrum of services. The specialty of this public-private venture company is in supporting the development of intelligent transport systems across Delhi, with solutions in the areas of electronic payment, public transportation operations, fleet management, vehicle tracking, safety assurance and control, and pollution management—among others.

However, while DIMTS is responsible for many high-profile public transport projects across Delhi, at the time, the organization was struggling with many manual processes, siloed systems, and disparate applications that were “putting the brakes” on the organization’s business flow and overall efficiency.

According to Bhaskar Basak, Vice President, DIMTS, “Business operations had a few redundant and time consuming transactions such as movement of papers and files across departments. This resulted in duplication of tasks. Since we operate from two locations, reports on project costing, employee utilization, etc, were manually generated and each took up a substantial number of hours per day.”

As DIMTS continued to grow, it wanted to take full advantage of new technologies to improve profitability and quality of service. The solution for DIMTS was to update its business technology with a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system from Microsoft. Through Microsoft Dynamics AX, DIMTS has re-engineered many of its internal processes, consolidated data from many different points of business, eliminated redundancies and paper processes, and standardized many financial processes across the organization helping DIMTS reduce reporting times, errors and other costs associated with the previous system. In all, it’s made DIMTS a much faster, streamlined and more efficient business, helping the public-private venture company deliver greater value to the many public transport projects it supports across Delhi.

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Rahul Chitale
Director, Cloud Services, Microsoft India

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Rahul Chitale | Director, Cloud Services, Microsoft India

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