How the University of Strasbourg centralized facility management across a 60-mile campus

31 March 2014 | Lane Swensen, Senior Product Marketing Specialist, Software, Invensys

The origins of the University of Strasbourg in France date back to the early 16th century, when Jean Sturm created an institution where one could study theology, philosophy, medicine, and law. Today, the University is recognized among Europe's foremost research universities, educating more than 40,000 students with over 2,600 professors and 2,000 staff.  

The University’s Energy Department needed to better manage facility operations for 140 buildings on multiple campuses, spread across 60 miles of Strasbourg and the surrounding area. It was a daunting task to organize and manage the various systems and equipment at each location, as well as the multitude of suppliers and subcontractors supporting them. In addition, each of the University’s locations operated independently, using their own equipment processes to manage their facilities. No centralized method existed for monitoring and collecting data on assets, HVAC, electricity, and other facility processes that would allow staff to review trends and identify better practices for saving time, money, and energy.

The Energy Department’s search for an open, scalable supervisory control and monitoring system led them to Invensys. We work in partnership with a broad range of industrial, commercial, and government customers and provide advanced, Microsoft-based technologies that optimize operational performance and profitability. The university needed a solution that collects and manages data from all building systems and assets, and is easily integrated with the University’s existing asset data management program. They selected Wonderware® System Platform.

The University of Strasbourg experienced a number of key benefits:

1. Data collected at the various campuses is automatically imported into the central database, saving time and reducing the chance of errors that can accompany manual data entry.

2. Wonderware System Platform efficiently centralizes data-gathering and enables extensive data analysis to improve overall asset and energy efficiencies at the University’s distributed campus buildings. Everything is built and managed within the same software infrastructure, dramatically reducing development times and ongoing system maintenance costs commonly associated with multiple applications running at multiple sites.

3. With Wonderware Historian (a high-performance, real-time enterprise database with scalability up to 2,000,000 tags) and Historian Client, Energy Department staff get actionable information with rich data analysis and reporting capabilities. They can quickly troubleshoot problems, study potential process inefficiencies, and eliminate the time-consuming process of locating data.

4. Since the University has geographically distributed facilities, Wonderware Historian is the ideal choice with its ability to maintain data integrity while handling intermittent, late, or bursts of data. It also offers staff 24/7 access to process data while keeping their control and business networks isolated from each other.

5. Wonderware InTouch® provides the system’s visualization capabilities. It is an open, extensible human machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solution. InTouch enables staff to quickly create standardized, reusable visualization applications and deploy them across the enterprise. It also provides a user-friendly view of each of the University’s building control systems, which can be accessed by staff and management from any location, allowing them to quickly address issues and troubleshoot problems in real time. Wonderware InTouch also sends alerts and alarms to individual workstations so operators can take immediate action to address issues.

With the Wonderware solution, the Energy Department can make better decisions faster, lower operating costs, and drive maximum performance of facility assets while ensuring the comfort of students, staff, and visitors.

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Lane Swensen
Senior Product Marketing Specialist, Software, Invensys

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