Use software to make buildings smarter and cut energy costs

Make buildings smarter and cut energy costs

Powerful analytics can help governments better manage their real estate portfolio

Governments have an untapped opportunity to better manage buildings and property using powerful analytics. Many building owners and operators are not yet aware of how data-driven changes and updates can reduce energy consumption. Buildings may be equipped with hundreds of sensors and controls, but many owners do not fully use this data to make the best of their infrastructure.

By applying analytics to make buildings energy-smart, agencies can achieve substantial cost savings and significantly reduce environmental impact.

You can use building data to enable timely and targeted interventions in cases of faulty or under-performing building equipment. Alarm management can help prioritize the many notifications generated by existing building systems and point engineers to the most important issues. And energy management allows for systematic tracking and optimization of building energy consumption and performance over time, while changing the behavior of building occupants with visual dashboards and benchmarks.

The cloud-based Energy-Smart Buildings white paper developed in collaboration with Accenture and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory examines how building owners, operators, and occupants can achieve significant energy and cost savings through the use of smart building solutions.