Government 2.0

Government 2.0

Social media capabilities improve citizen interaction and government response time, enabling a more open and transparent government and stronger citizen relationships.

Governments are adopting social media tools and platform capabilities to communicate quickly and broadly with citizens. To help governments take advantage of these new forums, Microsoft offers Gov 2.0 solutions, which help governments apply social networking technologies to connect with citizens and to become more accountable, efficient, and transparent.

Empowering citizens

Providing for participatory and open government. Traditionally, governments' interactions with citizens have been through town hall meetings or committees. This meant that citizens had to be able to appear in person to participate. In today's busy world, this form of participation gets harder and harder. With Gov 2.0 solutions, you can move the way that you interact with citizens online so that anyone can participate from anywhere.

Improving productivity of online services. Citizens have become accustomed to the web 2.0 tools and technologies found on social networking sites and business sites. By adopting these web 2.0 tools, you can meet citizen expectations for interaction.

Efficient government

Collaboration and communities. The way that government employees work can be greatly enhanced by adopting social computing features such as blogs and wikis. These social computing tools can improve your organization's productivity and create cross-organization communities.

Transparency and accountability

Openness. Citizens and businesses want to be able to see the workings of their government. They want to have traceability for the money that they pay in taxes and how that gets distributed within the community. With simpler communication methods, you can more easily help people understand how you are achieving your goals.

Compliance and accountability. Government organizations are under increasing regulation. With social networking tools, you can share your compliance records with those who have the biggest stake - your citizens.