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Microsoft Dynamics AX helps Plymouth City Council collaborate and serve customers better

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Q&A: Sarah Schacht on civic engagement, open government, Gov 2.0 and Betty White

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Dynamics business for smart government: From aspiration to reality

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Connect to citizens through more efficient, scalable, secure, cloud-enabled services.

How do you give citizens greater access to government?

  • Promote citizen engagement with personalized, timely, and convenient services
  • Provide workers anywhere /anytime access to streamlined communications solutions
  • Deliver efficient, scalable and security enhanced real-time services

Deliver rich, personalized experiences to facilitate engagement

Provide citizens with virtually “anytime, anywhere” access to information and services — from finding event information to filing permit applications or paying fines. Organization-wide information can be logged, tracked, and audited to significantly increase your overall workforce productivity and timely response to citizens.

Promote citizen engagement by enabling constituents to consume and submit information, 24 hours a day. 

Improve workers' access to information and streamlined communications tools

Enable mobile access for public servants so that case workers in the field have access to key information to streamline their work and focus on tasks at hand.

Centralize communications and provide a single point of contact for inquiries, with access to integrated, organization-wide information and the ability to route requests to appropriate contacts wherever they are.

And streamline case management between agencies to enable more effective oversight, ensure nothing gets dropped through the cracks, and provide improved constituent experience and shorter time to resolution.

Expand your reach with scalable, security-enhanced solutions in the cloud

Reduce costs, strengthen your core capabilities, and increase business agility with security-enhanced, cloud-enabled services.

Cloud solutions offer flexibility and the opportunity for governments to pay only for what they use; and, they can scale to accommodate variable loads across services, applications, and the network. Plus, authentication and citizen identity management technology adds an important layer of security.

Drive efficient, reliable, scalable service delivery with Microsoft solutions. In minimal time, we can deploy proven solutions to implement online communications and data transfer, internal and external portals for online interaction and publishing, and document management and customer relationship management.