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Microsoft in Government


Microsoft plays a leadership role in government with these initiatives designed to help grow economies, increase competiveness in the global marketplace, enhance safety and security, and meet rising demands with dwindling resources.

  • Accessibility Tools & Training

    Accessibility Tools & Training

    Accessibility tools and training from Microsoft help government organisations worldwide ensure that everyone has equal access to information and services.

  • Citizenship


    Microsoft helps governments apply technology innovation to strengthen economies, address societal challenges, and promote a healthy online ecosystem.

  • Microsoft on Cloud Computing

    Microsoft on Cloud Computing

    Powerful software and massive computing resources where and when you need them.

  • Government Engagement Programs

    Government Engagement Programs

    Through a broad range of Government Engagement Programs, Microsoft partners with policy makers and governments in more than 120 countries.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Environmental Sustainability

    Reduce energy consumption, rethink business processes, and measure policy effectiveness to reach government environmental sustainability goals.

  • Microsoft Services on the G-Cloud Framework

    Microsoft Services on the G-Cloud Framework

    The move to commodity technology and the G-Cloud Framework are set to change the way that the public sector buys technology forever.

  • Open and Transparent Government

    Open and Transparent Government

    Microsoft applies open government and interoperability principles to help governments provide higher transparency, foster innovation, and create efficiencies.

  • Security and Privacy

    Security and Privacy

    Microsoft works closely with government leaders and policymakers around the world to more strategically and effectively address issues of cyber security.