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Microsoft TownHall

Microsoft TownHall

Drive rich discussions around top issues and concerns with an online tool that fosters, organizes, moderates, and houses online conversations.

Today’s on-demand society requires unlimited online access to people, organizations, and information from a variety of electronic devices. Microsoft TownHall provides political candidates and organizations with an online and always-available vehicle to engage with voters and supporters and gain valuable insights within the constraints of existing budgets. Participants can join the conversation on whatever Internet-connected device they may be using at a given moment.

TownHall is a place to ask, answer, and prioritize the questions that are important to constituents. The most popular or relevant questions rise to the top, so participants can readily see the timely topics at any given moment. A typical campaign or office holder can connect with more than 100,000 constituents, 24 hours a day, for pennies per engagement.

The flexible design of TownHall provides availability using any web browser and across multiple platforms, and the TownHall software is available at no cost. Because it’s hosted on Windows Azure, TownHall is ideal for organizations that don’t want to manage a bulky technical infrastructure. It’s available using a pay-for-use model, so you don’t have to pay for unnecessary hardware and bandwidth, nor do you have to worry about handling a spike in traffic. Windows Azure will do the heavy technical lifting. TownHall features a user-friendly, lightweight interface that is optimized for the collection of data, which is stored in Microsoft SQL Azure. From there, you can pull the data into a number of existing and familiar tools, including Microsoft Office Excel. TownHall is available as downloadable source code that is customizable for your specific requirements.