Dave Welsh

Corporate Standards at Microsoft

Dave Welsh has been at Microsoft for 11 years, and works in Microsoft’s Corporate Standards Group. Dave covers Microsoft’s global interests on a variety of subjects, from Software and Systems Engineering standards, to Software Discovery and Identification standards, to Smart City standards. In his day job he works directly with development teams on new Microsoft products in Redmond, and also with Microsoft offices globally.

Going back to the 80’s, Dave has been active with different international , US and EU standards organizations on a wide range of industry sectors including land/rail/ocean transportation, manufacturing/retail and distribution logistics, media and publishing, global banking and finance, healthcare, ICT, and other standards.

Dave has helped author numerous ISO standards. Over the years he was the United Nations Standards Liaison Rapporteur, a member of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), International Maritime Organization (IMO), and other international groups. More recently Dave was US Head of Delegation and Secretary to several US national standards committees ranging in subjects from document formats, to accessibility standards for the disabled. He is currently US Head of Delegation to ISO/IEC JCT1, and Chairs the US National committee, on Systems and Systems Engineering standards.