National Cloud: Creating real impact for efficient government


Three approaches to national cloud strategy

Government cloud adoption is at its pinnacle. In fact, spending on public cloud services is expected to grow from $22 billion in 2010 to nearly $73 billion in 2015 - a compound annual growth rate of 27.6% - according to IDC. This growth rate is four times faster than the growth of IT spending overall, and as the third-fastest adopter of cloud technology, the worldwide public sector is helping drive this trend.

National governments are leading the way with serious investment in cloud technology. With the financial crises of the past five years, revenue is becoming so constrained that they are looking to do new with less—innovating faster while saving tax dollars. The cloud supports these efforts by helping governments to centralize their IT assets, save money, and, at the same time, be more responsive to their citizens.

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Now is the time for governments to transition to the cloud

Due to economic constraints and budget pressure, many governments worldwide are asking their CIOs and IT departments to increase productivity while reducing costs. It’s a significant challenge. However, it’s a goal that can be accomplished by embracing the cloud.

In fact, now is an ideal time to move to the cloud. The technology is proven, robust enough for government demands, and many governments that are already leveraging the cloud are seeing significant benefits such as cost savings, improved efficiencies, opportunities for innovation and new market possibilities.

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Delivering more with less for the Government of Hong Kong

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer awarded a contract on the implementation and operation of the Government Cloud Platform (GovCloud) to Atos Information Technology HK Limited. The GovCloud solution is a large-scale central IT infrastructure for hosting e-government services for shared use by bureaux and departments. Such services include electronic information management, electronic procurement and others. Atos will provide a range of services covering project management, system implementation and integration, operations management and data centre hosting.

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Measuring the economic potential of cloud computing in Poland

When looking at some of the most talked about topics in technology today, not surprisingly, cloud computing continues to enjoy a comfortable place at the top. The cloud offers organizations an entirely new way to approach IT and, with it, realize many benefits. The report, entitled "Cloud Computing: Flexibility, Efficiency, Security," looks at the economic potential of cloud computing in Poland across four sectors: education, healthcare, public administration and the small and medium-sized enterprise sector.

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