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  • The cloud changes everything

    This video explores how public and private organizations address the fundamental challenges of how to support growing urban populations while maintaining standards of living as the rise of cities unfolds.

  • The IT energy efficiency imperative

    By embracing IT energy efficiency in areas such as system part01, hardware provisioning, software design, and operations, organizations can stretch their budgets and respond more rapidly to demands for additional services.

  • Windows Azure cloud cover video series

    In each episode of this popular and informative series, Ryan Dunn and Steve Marx cover the Windows Azure platform, dig into features, discuss the latest news and announcements, and share tips and tricks.

  • Microsoft TownHall user experience

    Learn more about how to use TownHall through this informational video.

  • EEA's Eye on Earth video

    Environment agency's pioneering online tools bring revolutionary data to citizens.

  • ElectionMall Technologies

    Find out how ElectionMall is supporting campaigns.

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