Lower costs with communication and collaboration tools


Reduce costs with employee-centric productivity applications

Due to increasing citizen demands, agency workers are under pressure to respond more quickly than ever. Productivity applications empower agencies to make processes and operations more timely, efficient, and coordinated. Potential operational efficiencies from productivity applications include:

  • Reducing travel costs with virtual meetings and training sessions
    • Use Microsoft Lync to create dynamic remote meetings for city council sessions, town hall meetings, and more.

  • Improving rapid collaboration with improved sharing
    • Support civil servants with enriched mobile experiences across devices so they can stay in sync while in the field.

  • Decreasing ongoing costs of traditional phone systems
    • Use voice over IP through Microsoft Lync and remove the burden of managing hardware and maintenance fees on older phone systems.

Read this case study to discover how the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments used productivity applications to save financial resources and expand citizen services.

Lync saves Scottish Boarders Council an expected £1 million

While facing severe budget pressure, the council chose to deploy Microsoft Lync, and now anticipates it will save £1 million within three years.

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