Stars and Stripes Newspaper Embraces Cloud Computing to Help Deliver Military News

02 October 2012 | Dana Barnes, Director, Microsoft Joint & Defense Agencies

​As an essential provider of news and information to military service members, government civilians and their families stationed overseas, Stars and Stripes has an important and complex mission.  With four daily newspaper editions (Mideast, Europe, Japan and Korea) and digital products, 15 global printing locations and one of the largest distribution ranges of any newspaper in the world, the organization is constantly challenged to communicate and collaborate across over 20 time zones to deliver a product that our military community relies upon.  Like any government organization with a geographically dispersed workforce, coordinating across teams can be a costly challenge, which is what prompted Stars and Stripes to turn to cloud computing, and the flexibility, scalability and cost savings it offers.

It’s really about access – to the data, documents, and colleagues required to get the job done.  Stars and Stripes journalists, editors and other staffers are on the hook to collect and disseminate information from different corners of the world in real-time.  With personnel communicating daily with folks outside of the DoD, Stars and Stripes email runs on a .com rather than a .mil framework, so the organization needed a flexible platform that integrates with commercial and other non-DoD solutions.  By adopting Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud-based email and productivity platform, employees can leverage open communications with stakeholders outside of their organization as well as access to critical computing resources like email, calendaring, instant messaging and video conferencing from any location, and any device.  More efficient information sharing leads to increased productivity, and because cloud computing will enable Stars and Stripes to pay for computing resources as they go, and only for what they use, the organization will significantly reduce IT management costs. 

Through the cloud, Stars and Stripes is transforming the way its personnel communicate, achieving new levels of operational efficiency within a completely secure environment.  Stay tuned for future updates on this project and other examples of how the U.S. military is deploying cloud computing!

Dana Barnes
Director, Microsoft Joint & Defense Agencies

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Dana Barnes | Director, Microsoft Joint & Defense Agencies

Dana oversees Microsoft’s Joint DoD business and previously managed Microsoft’s accounts in the Naval District of Washington. He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and served for seven years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Read more