Microsoft local impact map: Telling stories that matter

02 February 2012 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government

​Creating a positive impact in our local communities is a guiding philosophy at Microsoft. It’s our mission to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. Through our partnerships, our technology innovations, our people, and our resources we are proud to help solve societal challenges and create economic opportunities on both a global and a local scale.

Through our programs, partnerships, and community investments, over the years we’ve collected hundreds of powerful and inspiring stories - ones that we’re always looking for new ways to share. We’ve discovered that one of the best ways to give these stories a voice is through our Microsoft Local Impact Map.

Our Local Impact Map gives visitors a unique, visual, and interactive way to learn more about our programs and the people who are benefitting from them. Using Bing Maps, visitors can scroll across various continents and zoom into regions, countries, or local areas of interest to hear these stories, which are told through videos, pictures, articles, and other media. “Under the hood” is a combination of Bing Maps, Windows Azure, Data Market, and SQL Azure, which collectively serves up this content to provide users with a seamless experience.

Since its launch in 2009, our Local Impact Map has provided a voice to hundreds of people and organizations with important stories to share. And, we’re continually working to leverage the best technologies to share them. For more information, and to learn about our Local Impact Map, visit our corporate citizenship website.

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Joel Cherkis
General Manager, Worldwide Government

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Joel Cherkis | General Manager, Worldwide Government

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