3 groups are winning big in the cloud

22 January 2014 | Hany Morcos, Cloud Technologies Director, Microsoft Middle East and Africa
Countries worldwide are getting their productivity and collaboration software from the cloud and bringing economic benefits and efficiency gains to diverse groups. Here are three big winners.

Tel Aviv: 4 months to a sustainable future

05 November 2013 | Maor David-Pur, Government SSP, Microsoft Israel
One of the world’s most innovative cities transformed its service delivery model to stay ahead of the coming population boom. Here’s how they did it in record time.

It’s cyber security month. Is your backdoor locked?

14 October 2013 | John Weigelt, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada
Cyber security is part technology and part personal initiative. Here are three actions you can take right now to make your agency cyber-secure.

Empowering local governments with technology to transform Africa’s cities

03 October 2013 | Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi , Secretary General, United Cities and Local Governments Africa
Memorandum of Understanding between Microsoft and the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa to shape urban future of cities across Africa

Accelerating urban development and innovation in African cities

29 May 2013 | Dr. Zaki Khoury , Regional Manager, International Organizations, Middle East & Africa
The African Development Bank (AfDB) turns to the cloud to solve infrastructure, climate change, and governance challenges for Africa’s cities. It starts with a management strategy—and a dashboard.

Public safety starts with cities, large and small

18 February 2013 | Dr. Andrew Hawkins, Managing Director, Public Safety and Justice, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft Corporation
Safer communities mean a safer world. Read on to see how technology is supporting global citizens with innovative and collaborative solutions.

The role of culture and recreation in cities of the future

07 January 2013 | Eric Basha, Managing Director, Cities
In the race to stay competitive, a city’s local culture and recreational amenities can offer a big advantage. More than ever, technology is helping shape this “cultural experience” for urban-dwellers. Want to learn how? Read more here...

How ERP accelerated support for smarter transit in Delhi

18 December 2012 | Rahul Chitale, Director, Cloud Services, Microsoft India
Delhi is the second most populated metropolis in India, and the demands on public transportation are enormous. Learn how a public-private venture company created more value for transport in Delhi by fast tracking its own business with ERP.

City of Luxor, Egypt: A lesson in tech-savvy tourism

18 September 2012 | Yasser Hassan, Government Industry Director, Middle East and Africa
Egyptian World Heritage site launches a mobile app for Windows 7 devices to enhance and revitalize the local tourism experience.

Private cloud helps Saudi Postal Service cut operating costs in half

21 August 2012 | Yasser Hassan, Government Industry Director, Middle East and Africa
Find out how this government organization gained efficiencies with a private cloud.