Monique Mulder

VP Government, CGI

Monique Mulder is the international lead for CGI’s Government business. She is also Vice President of the global marketing team.

Monique has spent over 25 years in the ICT market, in sales and client engagement roles.

Monique has been innovation advisory member on the Dutch Ministry of Economics (2009). She has been part of trade missions to India, Spain and Turkey. Monique was a board member of the Dutch-Indian Chamber of Commerce (2007-2011), and is currently a board member of the Dutch Intelligent Transport Systems Board. Monique holds a degree in Mathematics (Technical University Delft) and has a bachelor degree for non-executive board members at Nijenrode University. She is also a board member of the Amici the Ragazze Quartet.

Prior to joining CGI, Monique worked at Logica, and had sales and operational roles with We International (Retail), Gateway Automation (ICT) and Optimodal (Railway agency).