OpenTurf is an update to the Open Data Application Framework (ODAF) project, which is an open-source mapping and citizen engagement solution.

OpenTurf (ODAF) enables citizen interaction with geo-enabled open data by creating interactive maps. Using OpenTurf, governments can share data and gather feedback on specific data points by presenting a "mash up" of location-aware open data sets, and enabling social sharing and commenting from the public.

ODAF OpenTurf enables you to:

  • Visualize multiple datasets in one centralized location
  • Rate, comment, and tag individual data points in multiple datasets
  • Upload your own data points (mash up your data with other datasets)
  • Interact with visual points as well as boundary (polygon) information

Watch the OpenTurf live demo, download the code, or install Open Turf using Open Data Installer.

Government agencies using OpenTurf/ODAF

  • Saône et Loire, France: Visualizing tourism information, including transportation, cultural and natural heritage landmarks
  • ODAF France: OpenTurf implementation in France with data from Paris and Provence
  • OpenTurf Canada: Canadian implementation of OpenTurf with datasets from multiple cities with open data initiatives