Hany Morcos

Cloud Technologies Director, Microsoft Middle East and Africa

Hany is Microsoft’s Cloud Technologies Director, Middle East and Africa Public Sector. His main role is to help governments leverage the benefits of the cloud while working on their national priorities and strategies. In this role, Hany also oversees building the partner ecosystem around Microsoft’s cloud products and acts as a conduit for feedback from customers and partners to Microsoft product groups. He’s an enthusiastic believer in the impact the cloud can have, not only from an economics point of view but also on employment, innovation, entrepreneurship, R&D, and attracting FDI to the whole region.

Prior to his current position, Hany held various roles in Microsoft Egypt. As the Director of Government Partnership Programs, he was responsible of delivering various state-of-the-art solutions across different government sectors. He also built initiatives to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, such as the Cloud Computing Initiative and the Mobile Applications Entrepreneurship Initiative. As a Services Manager, Hany oversaw the delivery of more than 120 e-Government projects that impacted Egypt’s ranking in the UN e-Government readiness index, advancing 139 places to the number 23 position in just seven years. The success of this program played a great role in making people’s lives easier when dealing with government offices in Egypt. In addition, many of the program’s complex projects enhanced the local partners’ skills and ability to deliver on a regional scale, increasing the country’s IT export.

Before joining Microsoft, Hany graduated from Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering 1993. He had a career as a Software Development Manager in Sakhr Software, and later worked as a Data Warehousing Consulting Manager in Raya. In his spare time, Hany enjoys travel, fine art, and movies.