Dr. Zaki Khoury

Regional Manager, International Organizations, Middle East & Africa

Dr. Zaki Khoury leads Microsoft cooperation with International, Multi-lateral, and Bi-lateral Organizations, across Middle East and Africa.

Dr. Khoury is bringing over 25 years of experience in Business Development, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), ICT for Development & Innovation. Previously, he was Gulf Business Manager overlooking the business strategy and operations in the six Gulf countries. He worked closely with governments in the region to leverage ICT for increasing economic competitiveness, addressing social development, and enhancing Business development climate.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Dr. Khoury held senior leadership roles including the International Rescue Committee’s Regional Director for the Middle East region (New York); Principal Development Director for Post-Conflict countries in the Near East at DAI (Washington DC);   Director of Education & Employment at the International Youth Foundation (Baltimore), and the World Bank as Regional Coordinator of the Urban Management Program for the Arab States (Cairo). He also provided consultancy to OTI, USAID, and CIDA on Economic & Social Development in Middle East, Africa and West Asia.

Dr. Khoury has a PhD in Planning (Montreal), a Master in Economics & Urban Development Planning (London), a Master in Environmental Management (Senghor), and a BSc. in Engineering. Author of a number of articles on Urban Economics, Entrepreneurship and SMEs Development, and Innovation - he is a member of the US-Dubai Business Council, Society of the International Development and EF Council for Science, Technology, and Innovation. In 2007, Dr. Khoury moved with his wife and two kids, Alex (13) & Annie (9), from Maryland (US) to be currently based in Dubai.