Just In Time: VoterHub Makes Voter Information and Sharing Easier Than Ever

16 October 2012 | Andy Pitman, Microsoft eGovernment Solutions

With less than a month until Election Day, many Americans understand the importance of voting and having their voice heard. Here at Microsoft, we’ve made it a priority to help Americans practice their civic duty by developing and supporting innovative ways to make it easier than ever for voters. In addition to programs like MyVote, Microsoft recently teamed up with AT&T and Politics-360 to provide the newly announced app, VoterHub. Microsoft’s public sector team worked with these organizations to craft the app, with Microsoft’s Dale Michalk writing and delivering it in a short 2-week period.

The app, which is available on Windows Phone, provides voters with national and statewide candidate information as well as a platform for voters to connect and share with their friends. Using information provided by the Voter Information Project and other sources such as Rock the Vote, functions include location specific:

- Guidance for voter registration

- General voter information such as qualifications, ID requirements, etc.

- Polling location finder

- An election calendar

- List of candidates running for office, with access to their biographies, issues rating, and voting history when available

- Ballot information

- Election news, videos, and music

- A voter card for users to store their choices and access at voting time

Collectively, these functions enable voters to make informed choices and to do so at their convenience from their Windows Phones. Microsoft’s public sector team encourages you to download and use this fantastic app! And to learn more about how you can get VoterHub on your Windows Phone, head to the VoterHub App Page.

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