Reflections from the 2011 LATAM CIO Forum

23 November 2011 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government

Last month I had the chance to lead a speaking session at the 2011 LATAM CIO Forum - one of my favorite annual government events held in Latin America. Bringing together hundreds of CIOs, the forum offers a unique opportunity to connect with public leaders in the region about their technology concerns, as well as how they are leveraging technology successfully to deliver more effective governance.

At the forum, my speaking session specifically dealt with high performance government – an issue that I am very passionate about. More than ever, governments around the world are under pressure to boost their performance. It is a challenge that often requires both a shift in technology vision and organizational culture.

Would you be able to spot a top-performing government if you saw one? From my own personal experience - and from conversations with customers - there are several key attributes/capabilities that I believe are characteristic of top-performers. These include:

  • Effective service delivery and engagement– The ability to deliver government services to constituents that are high quality, personalized, and accessible from any location. Citizens have grown to expect high-quality, personalized services as consumers. Now, they want the same experience from government. High-performing governments are those that can match their services with the expectations of citizens, including support for mobile applications, easy-to-use services online, and providing the highest levels of information assurance.

  • Modern workplaces - The ability to provide technologies that mesh with worker preferences, including support for new mobile devices (tablets, smart phones, etc.), as well as social and self-service applications. Indeed, providing tools that make employees more effective at their jobs is important. However, for government organizations this is also an issue of being able to attract new talent to join their ranks. Today’s best and brightest minds want to work for organizations that have modern tools and capabilities that they’ve come to expect in their lives as consumers.

  • Deep insights and high accountability - Being a top performer is increasingly about being data-driven. That means leveraging business intelligence to operate more effectively, as well as making key public data (agency spending, project performance, etc.,) more accessible to constituents.

From my recent trip LATAM forum, it’s clear that there are many top-performers in the region. I look forward to sharing their stories in my next few posts.

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Joel Cherkis
General Manager, Worldwide Government

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