Barcelona’s decades of IT innovation are paying off

07 December 2012 | Elias Ramos, Western Europe Government Director

​There are very few cities in the world with Barcelona’s longstanding reputation for innovation. And, when it comes to open data and other IT initiatives, Barcelona, Spain, continues to demonstrate its forward thinking approach to using technology to solve complex challenges and to spur economic development.

Today, I’d like to share this video case study, which explores Microsoft’s 20+ year technology partnership with the city of Barcelona, as well as innovative IT projects that have emerged from this relationship and the returns the government have yielded. Enjoy!

Barcelona video case study

If you’d like to learn more about other IT innovations coming out of Barcelona, I invite you to visit our case study website to check out a recent case study featuring an ambitious desktop virtualization project that was implemented in Barcelona to reduce costs and enhance remote worker productivity.

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Elias Ramos
Western Europe Government Director

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