Tourism, Recreation, and Culture

While modern services and infrastructure are vital to thriving cities, other assets are equally important to an enhanced quality of life. Microsoft CityNext helps people take advantage of recreational and cultural opportunities with innovative solutions based on cloud computing, mobile technologies, and social media. For example, cities can build a tourism portal that includes features such as interactive mapping, an event calendar, and personalized profiles. In addition, message boards, discussion forums, and real-time customer service tools—plus integration with social media applications—create an engaging, interactive environment for sharing information and interests. For even greater convenience, city residents as well as visitors can access tourism portals and other resources on the go using their favorite mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.

A variety of self-service tools, including online reservation systems, can help cities provide a one-stop spot for exploring new recreation and cultural opportunities. Also, cities and businesses are able to make better-informed decisions with powerful, easy-to-use analytics and business intelligence tools as well as real-time access to information. Showcase your city and improve access to recreation, destinations, and cultural events with a CityNext solution.

Promote your destination and increase visitors with a robust portal solution

Microsoft offers a comprehensive tourism portal solution that can expand the effectiveness of your destination promotion. This scalable solution can cost-effectively meet your organization's immediate needs and expand to provide robust functionality as you grow. For example, you can extend your reach beyond public websites and provide intranets that enable you to connect and collaborate with other tourism organizations. You can also create extranets that offer marketing assets to travel suppliers including image libraries, newsletters, and email templates as well as education or training.

Increase visitors to your destination with a dynamic user experience that helps them find the information they need quickly and easily. Features include:

  • Interactive mapping—Present information on a map that the visitor can filter to create an interactive and satisfying experience. Maps can even become the primary user interface of a portal.
  • Event calendars and listings—Give travelers the convenience of self-service planning.
  • Personalized profiles—Users can profiles with custom itineraries that can be accessed before or during their trip.
  • Message boards and discussion forums—Enable visitors to share experiences and information.
  • Customer service—Implement features such as "click to chat" that connect visitors to experts who can instantly answer questions about destinations or help with a reservation.

Now, your tourism portal can be a one-stop-shop for trip planning. Visitors can search for transportation, lodging, and activities as well as make reservations and pay—all in one place.

Manage your business

Enhance collaboration, publish and manage content, automate business processes and workflow, as well as improve access to mission-critical information.

Content management

Information about your destination often comes from multiple sources including hotels, tour guides, attractions, and landmarks. Pulling it together into a centralized repository can be a daunting and expensive project if not managed efficiently. Increase stakeholder engagement with an easy-to-use, self-service content-authoring tool that enables them to publish their own content to your portal. Built-in content approvals can streamline the process and help cut maintenance costs while maintaining control over quality.

Manage customer relationships

Make better-informed business decisions by measuring and managing marketing programs, calculating return on marketing investment, and maximizing research capability. The Microsoft tourism platform provides the foundation for business intelligence (BI) solutions to track the impact of your marketing efforts with interactive dashboards that display business information from disparate sources.

Communicate clearly and easily with customers and respond faster to customer service issues by delivering consistent, efficient customer care. Scale your solution to include:

  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Data extraction and cleansing
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Marketing/sales collaboration tools
  • Knowledgebase management
  • Workflow across teams and groups

Increase the capacity and capability of your tourism suppliers

Improve service to tourism suppliers by offering online presence—and even online reservation capabilities—for small or independent travel suppliers.

Increase participation by tourism suppliers. Encourage them to update information on your portal with flexible, easy-to-use content management tools that simplify adding and editing content while ensuring that only approved content is published.

Improve your tourism suppliers' quality of service by offering on-demand training for travel vendors.

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While topics such as “energy” or “transportation” get a lot of attention in the context of the “city” discussion, it is the cultural and recreational amenities of a city that enrich the quality of life and give cities their unique character. Today’s skilled workers want to live in dynamic urban environments that are filled with things to do and places to socialize and relax—from parks, museums, heritage sites, community centers and libraries, to restaurants, theatres, and shops, to street fairs and festivals. All these amenities combine to create a unique atmosphere that attracts both residents and visitors alike. Technology solutions and apps play an increasingly important role in managing and promoting these assets and amenities. In addition to Destination Management, some of the Tourism solutions may include:

  • Mobile Tourism
  • Library Management
  • Tourism Portals

Tourism not only enhances the local economy, but also drives growth in the general economy as more businesses move to the community to tap a talent pool of skilled workers who migrated to the city for quality of life as well as employment opportunity—thus reinforcing the cycle of economic growth.

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Yasser Hassan

Government Industry Director, Middle East and Africa

Yasser Hassan

Government Industry Director, Middle East and Africa

Yasser Hassan

Government Industry Director, Middle East and Africa