Government Solutions

Governments can use technology to expand social and economic opportunities and better serve and protect citizens. Explore a variety of services, partnerships, tools, and solutions.


At Microsoft, our focus is on helping governments, businesses, and citizens achieve their goals by empowering people with effective tools that have real impact.

  • Efficiency: Accelerate the pace of innovation. Technology has long been a catalyst for progress on key societal challenges around the world. Marked by extraordinary advancements including the microprocessor, the Internet, and the mobile phone, the advent of cloud computing now creates vast new opportunities to accelerate that progress. This technological breakthrough is enabling governments to cut costs while being more efficient, more effective, and more responsive so that more communities can experience social and economic opportunity.

  • Engagement: Connect with your people. Together with our local partners around the world, we engage communities and build innovative, accessible, and efficient solutions for the most pressing challenges through a variety of services and partnerships proven to meet local needs. Through the cloud, we can bring services and information to citizens anytime, anywhere. We can help governments transform information into insight, and public workers into knowledge workers, giving them the edge they need to stay ahead of the technology tidal wave.

  • Opportunity: Empower your people and your economy. Our goal is to help countries, communities, and individual citizens realize their full potential. That means creating jobs and expanding opportunities, while protecting privacy, furthering education, and providing universal technology access and skills training for unemployed and underemployed workers. We’re working with government and global partners to make a meaningful contribution to human prosperity and the sustainability of the planet.

Working side by side with government, educators, healthcare workers, NGOs, and CEOs for many years, Microsoft is committed to its contribution to enable people to have real impact for a better tomorrow in their communities, countries, and around the world.