Frank McCosker

Managing Director, Multilateral and Bilateral Organisations, Public Sector

Francis (Frank) McCosker is Managing Director of Global Strategic Accounts for Microsoft with responsibility for Microsoft’s engagement with multilateral organisations, including the international financial institutions, intergovernmental organisations and the bilateral providers of Official Development Assistance (ODA).

Frank McCosker joined Microsoft’s East European headquarters in 1997 and during his 14 years with the company he successfully guided Microsoft in carrying out key public sector-related development projects. In 1999 he was promoted from Partner Development Manager to General Manager of Microsoft Bulgaria and spent one year setting up the subsidiary in Sofia, where he assisted the Bulgarian government in initiating strategic public sector reform projects. His successes in helping Bulgaria to transform and realize their full potential have been very much appreciated by the Bulgarian government, partners, and communities.

As recognition of his achievements, Frank McCosker was named Director and later General Manager of Microsoft’s East European Headquarters in Munich, Germany in 2000. For the next four years he was responsible for the overall East European Sales, Marketing and Services business and managed the headquarters team. Frank McCosker also spent his time on various strategic public sector projects, helping the new EU Member States to meet the EU accession criteria. In addition, he chairs a working group within Microsoft aimed at company transformation, focussing on new strategies to further socio-economic development in least developing countries (LDCs) and emerging markets. In 2004, he was promoted into his current role of Managing Director, Global Strategic Accounts, International Organisations.

Throughout his career, Frank McCosker has combined a distinguished career of business, philanthropic, and humanitarian leadership with a personal life of public service. Both his career and his voluntary activities have reflected a commitment to improving the lives of others with a special interest in young people at risk and giving something back to international community. He served as a Trustee and was in charge of organizing and running the annual holidays of the St. John’s Handicapped Children Trust between 1990 and 1996. During his current tenure with Microsoft, he supports various community affairs projects and initiatives and in many is directly involved.

McCosker, born in 1968 in Mexico, grew up in Italy and in the United Kingdom. He graduated in Business Studies (BA Hons) from the Polytechnic of North London in 1991 and prior to joining Microsoft worked in variety of roles in ICL including General Manager of ICL Ukraine, where he spent two years. McCosker, his wife, and their four children live in Brussels, Belgium. Outside work, his interests include reading, wine, and most importantly his family.