The County of Los Angeles ensures cost savings, modernization, and compliance with Office 365 deployment

18 June 2014 | Michael Donlan, Vice President, U.S. State and Local Government Microsoft Corp.
The nation’s most populous county is moving 100,000 users to Microsoft’s cloud solution to better meet the needs of citizens and county employees.

Critical considerations for planning your IT security strategy

22 May 2014 | John Proctor, VP, Global Cyber Security, CGI
Cities collect a vast amount of sensitive data from citizens, remote workers, and city officials. Identity & Access Management (IAM) is the key to keeping data safe in a post-password, BYOD world.

3 ways Data as a Service (DaaS) helps cities run better

17 March 2014 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
With its promise of delivering data access to anyone, anywhere, DaaS is an opportunity whose time has come. Discover the three ways it improves city operations.

French Ministry of Education takes collaboration to the next step

27 November 2013 | Monique Mulder, VP Government, CGI
Project Pléïade transforms how central administration staff and regional education authorities collaborate, enabling them to work more closely together.

Modern service delivery: Spain automates and earns international recognition

19 August 2013 | Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe, Global Industry Director for Public Sector for Microsoft Business Solutions
A regional authority reinvented service delivery, eliminating metric tons of CO2 and saving millions of euros a year. Citizens are happy, officials are thrilled, and the UN took notice—here’s why.

Bloomington, Illinois: fast track to modernization

12 August 2013 | Chris Foreman, CEO, AvePoint Public Sector, Inc.
The city of Bloomington needed to modernize operations without losing data or disrupting city services. SharePoint and a migration platform from AvePoint made it happen in one day.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

22 April 2013 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
"Smart cities" are coming, but they are likely to evolve over time, not spring up overnight. See how Varburg, Sweden, took the first step with minimal investment.

Want to deliver IT projects faster? Here’s how the Secretary of Economy of Mexico did it

30 August 2012 | Carlos Allende, Public Sector Director, Microsoft México
Find out how the Secretary of Economy delivers IT projects faster.

Singapore's Ministry of Manpower transforms citizen services

12 June 2012 | Jeff Paine, Senior Director of Public Sector Partners, Asia Pacific
Find out how one government agency is using a SharePoint platform to help deliver efficient citizen services and open citizen engagement.