Building the ‘data dividend’ for citizens

23 June 2014 | Gary Wachowicz, Industry Managing Director, Worldwide Public Sector
Smart cities around the world stand to gain $206 billion in value over the next four years by using the data they collect. Here are 4 areas with the biggest ROI.

University combines “information” and “technology” to reduce carbon emissions

27 May 2014 | Carlos Oliveira , Founder, Shaping Cloud
A renowned research university in England helps organizations calculate their carbon footprint and take small, informed steps toward a sustainable future.

3 ways to turn your data into gold

14 May 2014 | John Weigelt, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada
Every city has a massive amount of data at its fingertips. Here are three ways to transform the data you’re already collecting into economic gold.

2020 vision: how our cities will look 60 months from now

07 April 2014 | John Weigelt, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada
Cities are quickly transforming their service delivery model, using the Internet of Things, Big Data, and a CRM mindset to treat citizens like customers and create better places to live.

How the University of Strasbourg centralized facility management across a 60-mile campus

31 March 2014 | Lane Swensen, Senior Product Marketing Specialist, Software, Invensys
University in France brings its 16th century campus into the 21st century, creating a state-of-the-art environment for faculty, students, and staff.

3 keys to launching a citizen-service revolution

26 March 2014 | Gary Wachowicz, Industry Managing Director, Worldwide Public Sector
Within five years, the world’s best cities will wholly transform their approach to citizen services. Will you be one of those cities? If so, you’re probably already addressing these three capabilities.

The cloud-based information hub that saves tax payers millions

24 March 2014 | Howard Hughes, Senior Vice President and General Manager of HP Enterprise Services, EMEA
Technology pays dividends for citizens, business professionals and, increasingly, the public sector. The proof comes from local governments worldwide, where IT is delivering significant returns on investment.

Information services turn Big Data into big insights for cities

19 March 2014 | Charles Jennings, CEO, Swan Island Networks
Data is flowing like lifeblood through your city—from 911 calls, traffic sensors, crime reports, and countless other sources. Start connecting the dots among data sources and you might be amazed at what you learn.

3 ways Data as a Service (DaaS) helps cities run better

17 March 2014 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
With its promise of delivering data access to anyone, anywhere, DaaS is an opportunity whose time has come. Discover the three ways it improves city operations.

4 ways the world’s utilities must evolve

21 February 2014 | Bill Mitchel, Senior Director for Microsoft’s World Wide Public Sector team
The word from the DistribuTECH conference: utilities are at a tipping point in their use of Big Data and analytics, devices, social media, and the cloud.

Turn transportation data into happier citizens and a better city

31 January 2014 | Gary Wachowicz, Industry Managing Director, Worldwide Public Sector
Find out how new business intelligence tools are turning city transportation data into intelligent systems that make citizens happier and cities more livable.

Looking back and ahead: IT trends to watch

08 January 2014 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
As the calendar turns, we take a look at 7 IT trends that are transforming the future of the world’s cities.

Why the world comes to Barcelona

18 December 2013 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
9,000 visitors. 300 cities. This year’s Smart City Expo immersed mayors in real-life solutions to their cities’ toughest challenges.

Charlotte puts its best foot forward for the DNC

26 November 2013 | Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe, Global Industry Director for Public Sector for Microsoft Business Solutions
The eyes of the world were on Charlotte for the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Here’s how the city made the most of its time in the spotlight.

Inside Barcelona: A future city shares its secrets

20 November 2013 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
If you’re looking for ways to build your city of the future, look no further than Barcelona. Discover why city leaders worldwide come here for answers.

Technology is a catalyst for building innovative and people-centred cities across Asia

04 November 2013 | Vijay Jagannathan, Secretary General, CityNet
A new narrative for Asian urbanization: focus on boundless opportunities and appetite for change

Big Data’s big moment: Turning data into better places to live

30 October 2013 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
Cities collect tons of data points. Discover five huge opportunities for governments that start connecting the dots right now.

IT/OT convergence: Big impact for smarter cities

30 September 2013 | Jeff Meyers, Smart Grid Strategy and Development
Operations Technology (OT) is getting smarter all the time. A thoughtful approach will ensure that cities can leverage the benefits of IT-enhanced OT.

Collaborative transformation: 2 visionary cities lead the way

11 September 2013 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
Cities around the world are entering a new era of open communication between citizens, businesses, and government leaders. Here are two cities that are driving the conversation.

Five steps to developing a Smart City platform

04 September 2013 | Gary Wachowicz, Industry Managing Director, Worldwide Public Sector
Modernization. Urbanization. Austerity. The world’s cities are under pressure. Discover their holy grail and how to get it.

Bloomington, Illinois: fast track to modernization

12 August 2013 | Chris Foreman, CEO, AvePoint Public Sector, Inc.
The city of Bloomington needed to modernize operations without losing data or disrupting city services. SharePoint and a migration platform from AvePoint made it happen in one day.

Three ways Open Data is changing the world

10 July 2013 | Safouen Rabah, VP of Product, Socrata
The Open Data movement is triggering a sea change in how governments and citizens interact. Here are three examples.

Unlocking the value of Big Data

27 May 2013 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
Armed with powerful new tools, government agencies are discovering riches in their data resources for deeper insights, greater efficiency, and cost savings

Big data without the big expense

21 May 2013 | Ted Malone, Big Data Architecture lead for Microsoft Federal
The “big” in big data often translates to “complex” and “expensive” for CIOs, but government agencies are increasingly taking advantage of the private cloud, and software tools they already own, to uncover the big data insights they need in a cost-...

Utilizing “little data” for corrections intelligence

16 May 2013 | Richard Zak, Industry Solutions Manager – Justice & Public Safety, Microsoft State & Local Government
Corrections agencies are tasked with keeping their facilities secure, safe, and efficient. In this post, learn how they are using “little data,” or data they already have, as a criminal intelligence resource to stop criminal activities inside prisons.

Tech predictions: what’s ahead for Asia/Pacific in 2013

06 February 2013 | Jim Butler, Senior Director, Public Sector Partners in Asia
As governments seek to engage their constituents and deliver citizen-centric services, technology will play a key role—but it won’t come without challenges. According to IDC Government Insights, here’s what’s in store for the Asia/Pacific region in 2013.

Far from straightforward: the government mission today

01 February 2013 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
Governments worldwide are undergoing transformation, which is being influenced by a convergence of factors, from new technologies to new budget realities. Learn about Microsoft’s vision for dynamic government, and how it fits into this picture.

For public consumption: the promise of big—and open—data

28 January 2013 | Parul Bhandari, Government Lead, Open Data and Big Data
Governments have a wealth of data at their fingertips, but may not be realizing its full potential. One strategy is to open data to the public for analysis, which can help extract greater value, and boost transparency and public engagement.

Tracking Santa in the cloud and what it means for government

24 January 2013 | Dana Barnes, Director, Microsoft Joint & Defense Agencies
Backed by the power of cloud computing, this year’s NORAD Santa Tracker program was a huge success. Learn how the cloud scaled to meet the demands of tracking Santa’s journey, and what that means for government organizations in the age of Big Data.

City Protocol Society—A new catalyst forging smarter cities

15 January 2013 | Elias Ramos, Western Europe Government Director
In the midst of global urbanization and at a time of transformation for cities, read how a new organization is making it easier for cities around the world to collaborate and learn from one other’s experiences.

The role of culture and recreation in cities of the future

07 January 2013 | Eric Basha, Managing Director, Cities
In the race to stay competitive, a city’s local culture and recreational amenities can offer a big advantage. More than ever, technology is helping shape this “cultural experience” for urban-dwellers. Want to learn how? Read more here...

My takeaways from the Smart City Expo World Congress

26 November 2012 | Eric Basha, Managing Director, Cities
Read observations from the Smart City Expo World Congress that consider what truly makes for a “Smart City” and how a broad range of technologies can help cities reach their goals. This is the first post in a bi-weekly Monday series on cities.

Realizing the promise of India’s big data frontier

24 October 2012 | Rahul Chitale, Director, Cloud Services, Microsoft India
As India’s government grapples with petabytes of big data, cloud computing and other emerging technologies can help turn this information into actionable insights.

Thai law enforcement taps into big data for investigations

11 September 2012 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
Big data solutions have a dramatic impact, streamlining and enhancing investigations.

The next flood gate of Big Data? Think small - then even smaller

27 June 2012 | Alan Merrihew, Senior Director of Government Technology Strategy, Worldwide Public Sector
Big Data analysis helps sort through overwhelming amounts of data.

Government catching the Big Data train

19 June 2012 | Parul Bhandari, Government Lead, Open Data and Big Data
Learn why it’s time to invest in Big Data, and how to get started today.

Blue skies ahead for open government in the UK

22 May 2012 | Mark Gayler, Open Software Evangelist, Microsoft
Learn about the latest project launched as part of the plan to open access to core public datasets on transport, weather, and health in the UK.

Making a real impact in shaping better governments: How Microsoft Research helps

04 May 2012 | Alan Merrihew, Senior Director of Government Technology Strategy, Worldwide Public Sector
Find out about some of the amazing work coming out of Microsoft Research with applications for the public sector.

Embracing change: Employees are increasingly tied to technology transformation

02 May 2012 | Cigdem Aygun, Government Industry Solutions Lead, Worldwide Public Sector
Find out how technology trends are impacting employees and IT decision-making.

Big Data making a ‘big entrance’ on the worldwide public sector stage

19 April 2012 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
Find out how governments are unlocking the potential of Big Data with unique applications.