Partnering with government for a brighter, high-tech future

31 May 2012 | Elias Ramos, Western Europe Government Director

At Microsoft, our focus is to create real impact for governments and their citizens. While cloud computing, Big Data, and tech trends like the consumerization of IT all hold promise for making government more efficient, customer-oriented and innovative, technology is only part of the answer. Achieving real impact is a collaborative process, and often requires looking holistically at technology as part of an ecosystem of factors that contribute to a nation’s overall prosperity. It’s a concept that I’ve talked about in previous blog posts.

For years, we’ve had the privilege to work on projects that have helped nations tackle some of their toughest challenges, as well as realize their unique visions for the future by leveraging and expanding access to technology. These “big picture” initiatives include partnering with governments to support things like workforce development, boosting global competitiveness, fostering innovative IT economies and expanding and enriching educational experiences with digital technology. And, they’re heavily partner-driven. Nearly all of these projects involve partnerships with public sector organizations, non-profits, local industry, financial institutions and other groups across the globe.

In Spain, for example, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with the Spanish government on several initiatives aimed at fueling economic growth, greater innovation, and career opportunities for citizens. Through a variety of programs such as IT Academy, BizSpark, and Microsoft Innovation Centers, we’re working with Spain on an ambitious agenda to create a real and lasting impact in the country. This includes providing more than 350,000 citizens with basic IT skills training and certifications, as well as connecting them with jobs that demand these IT skills. In addition, we’re also working with the Spanish government, academia and local entrepreneurs to establish five new Microsoft innovation Centers to incubate innovative local IT economies across Spain. On the education front, our goal is to enable 17 million people to access digital education resources in their native language.

It’s just one example of how Microsoft is working in collaboration with the public sector and other partners to create a real impact with technology.

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Elias Ramos
Western Europe Government Director

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