Want to deliver IT projects faster? Here’s how the Secretary of Economy of Mexico did it

30 August 2012 | Carlos Allende, Public Sector Director, Microsoft México

Government organizations around the world are continually looking for ways to become more efficient and best serve their citizens. Whether that means automating manual processes, consolidating IT resources across departments or agencies, or implementing a new collaboration platform, the goal is typically the same: How can we do this better and faster? Today, I'd like to highlight how one government organization reimagined its approach to handling IT project requests to carry them out 60 percent faster than before, while improving collaboration among key stakeholders and increasing its overall workload management capacity.

The Secretary of Economy of Mexico develops policies designed to increase domestic job growth and boost the country's economic competitiveness globally. Critical to this mission is the Office of Information Technology, which makes sure that the organization's IT initiatives align with its business objectives. A large part of this function includes developing visual tools such as executive dashboards, enhancing process diagrams, improving workflows and handling a variety of other IT requests submitted by various departments across the organization.

Before, carrying out this work proved to be difficult as different departments were using different visual tools to develop diagrams, design workflows, etc. Moreover, these tools were complex and difficult to learn, and the final products submitted to IT by these various departments did not export to external sources. As a result, the IT department had to process projects submitted in many different file formats and had to use a variety of tools to work on them.

To streamline project management, the organization wanted a single drawing program that made it easier for departments to export their projects and collaborate more closely with IT. Ultimately, the Secretary of Economy of Mexico chose a solution that included several Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Visio 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Server, and Microsoft Project 2010.

Working closely with Microsoft partner bSide throughout the process, the organization can now track the status of - and centrally manage - all IT project requests, and visually communicate ideas in a much more intuitive way. Today, the IT department is now delivering projects 60 percent faster than it previously had. And, because of greater collaboration between IT and departments on developing workflow management diagrams, etc., IT staff better understands the needs and constraints of projects and is able to deliver a higher-quality product.

If you're interested in learning more, I invite you to check out the full case study for the Secretary of Economy of Mexico, available here.

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Carlos Allende
Public Sector Director, Microsoft México

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