How Spain’s Generalitat of Catalonia used Dynamics CRM to address domestic violence

12 July 2012 | Jose Antonio Ondiviela, Western Europe Industry Market Development Manager

I am always excited to be able to share stories about how government organizations are using technology to solve problems. Whether it’s a large agency using cloud computing to achieve a mission-critical goal, or a small municipality using a mobile app to connect with its citizens, it’s encouraging to see the many ways in which government leverages technology to govern more effectively and address important societal issues. Today I’d like to focus on one organization, in particular, and how it is using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to address domestic violence.

The Generalitat of Catalonia is an institutional system in Spain that is organized by the autonomous government of Catalonia. Within the Generalitat, the Department of Interior is responsible for public safety-related functions and has a staff of roughly 24,000. The department recognized that it needed a better way to manage domestic violence cases so that it could ultimately reduce the number of victims, guarantee their safety, and improve their care.

To address this need, the department created the Integrated System for Care of Victims (SAIV). This system takes a coordinated, integrated approach with other organizations within the Generalitat to manage reports of domestic violence, offer resources to victims, and prevent future acts of violence. Based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the SAIV can continually evolve to meet the organization’s changing needs and allows groups to work much more collaboratively.

The platform compiles a range of information to help police officers assist victims. For instance, it can identify the degree of risk that each victim is exposed to, record telephone conversations, and permanently update the entire database with each case that is updated. Its record management capabilities also enable officers to access all data related to a victim and his or her aggressor, such as reports, testimonials, statements, and more.

As Andreu Martínez, General Director of Security Administration of the Generalitat of Catalonia, points out, “great adaption of the solution, the usability, an easy and agile parameterization, the integration with other Microsoft Office products, and its scalability towards mobility products are major benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”

While it is still early to quantify the benefits, the department expects significant increases in productivity and improved care for victims of domestic violence. I believe it is a great example for government organizations around the world, and I encourage you to check out the case study for more details on the project.

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Jose Antonio Ondiviela
Western Europe Industry Market Development Manager

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Jose Antonio Ondiviela | Western Europe Industry Market Development Manager

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