Understand the hidden costs of open source


Open source can have many hidden costs for government administrations

Although open source technology may seem like a good solution for cutting costs and increasing interoperability, there can be many hidden expenses for government administrations. Training workers on one-off open source solutions can be time-consuming and expensive.

The benefits to choosing a Microsoft solution can include:

  • Lowering IT costs and reducing complexity with interoperability
    • Choose a mixed IT environment, rather than exclusively open source, to gain more reliability and scalability.

  • Operating at the lowest total cost of ownership over time
    • Use sustainable and highly manageable software and solutions, compared with resource intensive open source alternatives.

  • Saving time and expense by using familiar software
    • Benefit from employee expertise with well-known tools.

Learn from the experiences that government organizations have had when deploying open source software on the desktop in this report.

Microsoft and open source collaboration

Find out how Microsoft is collaborating with others in the open source community to promote interoperability in mixed IT environments.

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