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Microsoft in Government

Technology can help you simplify, reduce costs, and modernize

In the face of declining budgets and growing citizen needs:

Many agencies find themselves challenged to do more with less. Budget cuts offer opportunities to think in different ways. They also can open the door to more agile, streamlined, cost-effective, and citizen-friendly government.

Gain mobility where and when you need it

Connect government employees and citizens Take advantage of familiar desktop apps that offer new and enhanced features while helping to trim costs.

Experience Office 365 today

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The Microsoft Experience Center for Government is coming to a city near you!

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Streamline internal and external communications

Simplify deployment, operations, and interoperability with a single, powerful communications solution
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Connect government employees and citizens


Manage, enrich, and utilize agency data Empower staff and citizens with the information they rely on, in real time, at a price you can afford.

Learn how big data can help government agencies

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Share your data with the affordable platform of choice

See just how affordable Microsoft Dynamics CRM is against its competitors.
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Discover your capabilities with the Microsoft BI Solution Builder

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Manage, enrich, and utilize agency data

Gain mobility where and when you need it Deliver important information that employees and citizens need, anywhere there’s an Internet connection, on virtually any device.

Help keep your people productive wherever they go

Provide apps and data to your people more securely, wherever they are—even on personal devices—with Windows 8.
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Experience Window 8 mobility

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How much ROI can your organization experience by migrating off of Windows XP?

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Deliver lean government in the cloud

Deliver lean government in the cloud
Help lower your maintenance and support costs while inspiring innovation.

Calculate the cost of a private cloud solution

Use our online calculator to determine the cost of creating a private cloud solution with Microsoft versus VMware technologies.
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How much can you save with a Microsoft private cloud solution?

A VMware private cloud solution can cost five to six times more than a comparable Microsoft solution while providing less capability.
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What’s the real impact of virtualization on lean government?

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About Microsoft

Cloud computing for government

Government IT at its best: Cloud computing provides solutions for government. Help improve reliability and help save money by integrating hosted services into your IT strategy.

Cloud Application Center

Discover cloud computing government solutions and public sector software to get your agency in the cloud quickly. E-government solutions can help make the most of cloud benefits for your agency.

Government 2.0

Open government, also known as open gov or gov 2.0, can help transform government. Learn how to put Government 2.0 to work for your agency, and help improve communication and collaboration.

Telework solutions for government

Microsoft in e-government: Telework has become an attractive and practical alternative. Government telework benefits can include environmental sustainability and improved employee productivity.

Unified communications for your agency

Microsoft government solutions can help agencies streamline and unify internal and external communications. These government IT solutions can benefit your day-to-day and crisis communications.