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Microsoft in Government

Modernize by connecting your organization with cost effective, familiar tools optimized for the cloud

With access to the same set of rich services in-house or in the cloud, your staff can be better connected with each other and with citizens.

  • Collaborate and connect across agencies
  • Enhance citizen experiences
  • Streamline productivity for efficacy

Enhance communications within and across agencies

Whether your people are offline or connected to the network with a PC or mobile device, they often need to collaborate and share work among themselves and between agencies. Seamless integration between line of communications and productivity applications keeps your people up-to-date and on top of projects, progress, and changing scenarios.

With Microsoft Office 365 you can:

  • Deliver powerful collaboration and calendaring features that help your people stay connected—whether they are offsite or in the same office.
  • Help your people find others across the agency who can answer questions and provide instant feedback on documents.
  • Enhance your ability to coordinate and communicate with colleagues and citizens.

Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps?

Office 365 is designed to meet the most rigorous requirements for security, privacy, reliability, and manageability.

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Provide more cost-effective public services

Limited budgets can impact your ability to expand needed services. With access to real-time information and analysis, however, you can better identify trends and evaluate citizen interactions. Your learned insight helps create strategies that address ever-changing constituent needs and legislative requirements while helping to reduce costs and response time and delivering better overall service.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365 you can:

  • Get powerful analysis and reporting tools to identify problems and to proactively address them.
  • Capture and track data to respond quickly to changing constituent needs and legislative requirements.
  • Automate processes to help improve efficiency and lower costs.
  • Use technology to support collaboration and decision-making across departments and agencies.

The Commonwealth of Virginia goes lean and modern using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Be productive anywhere

Your people need to get things done wherever their work takes them. Familiar applications, delivered through the cloud, can free them from the confines of location. As a result, your people can work together and collaborate in multiple ways that help save time and improve decision-making.

With Office 365 you can:

  • Work with peers and citizens in real time, across almost any distance.
  • Provide reliable and remote access across PC, phones, and browsers so users can keep up with all communications.
  • Empower your workforce with the freedom to write, edit, and share Microsoft Office files from virtually anywhere.
  • Address the most rigorous requirements for security, privacy, reliability, and manageability.

Have face to face, collaborative meetings virtually anywhere.

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