Real Impact for the Department of Defense

Get more agile and secure communications—virtually anywhere*

From the battlefield to the desktop, the United States military requires adaptable and reliable global communications. Microsoft unified communications integrates email, phone, audio and video conferencing, voice mail, and instant messaging on a Windows-based platform. You get seamless and cost-effective mobile communications to support collaboration across people and teams, wherever* they are, with resilience, service assurance, and security.



Gain critical business intelligence into potential cyber threats

With a centralized view of your agency’s entire environment—datacenters, applications, and devices—you can manage and monitor the full, heterogeneous spectrum of your agency’s software and hardware, without ripping and replacing legacy systems. More importantly, your IT service desk becomes a source of critical business intelligence, with Microsoft System Center at its core. IT leaders can more rapidly identify cyber vulnerabilities, manage asset provisioning, and improve IT decisions to support mission critical requirements.

*Mobile communication requires an internet connection or cell phone service. Some features described here require that you use a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 or Exchange Server 2007 account and that your Exchange Server administrator enables the Unified Messaging feature.

DoD Joint Enterprise License Agreement (JELA) Guide

Microsoft Cybersecurity Guide for Government

Home Use Program

Many government employees may be eligible for the Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP), which allows qualified employees to purchase and download a single copy of Microsoft Office software on their home computer for just $9.95!