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Oct 08
In the DoD, Cost Savings Start with Making the Most of What You Already Own

By Leigh Madden, Senior Director, U.S. Air Force, Microsoft

As a relative newcomer to Microsoft, it was eye-opening to learn that we work with every agency in the DoD, across every branch of the military, and that many of these customers have enterprise agreements in place that allow them to procure a range of Microsoft technologies at an incredible value.  In today’s budget climate, it’s more important than ever to maximize these agreements for additional cost savings, and that really starts with knowing what you already own. 

The DoD contains some of the largest, most complex organizations in the world, comprised of numerous departments with a variety of different needs.  Sometimes a product is requested for one need, but could actually be used to do so much more across the entire enterprise.  Without visibility into enterprise-wide resources, we see individual departments acquiring expensive point solutions for capabilities they already own.  My colleague Kent Cunningham tackled this issue when he declared war on IT redundancy across the federal government, and it’s never been more relevant within the DoD. 

Part of our charter as technology providers is to help our customers understand the breadth of IT resources they already have at their disposal, and I recently had the opportunity to speak with FedScoop about this very issue.  It’s especially relevant for DoD agencies evaluating options for capabilities like virtualization, collaboration, and unified communications.  For more information on how to maximize the value of your Microsoft enterprise agreement, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at askfed@microsoft.com!

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