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Jun 28
New Government SharePoint Templates Help Agencies Get More from the IT They Already Own

By Nina Somerville, Federal Specialist Team Unit Director, Microsoft

How often have you owned a great piece of equipment – a car, a smartphone, what have you – for years, and then realized it had useful capabilities that you didn’t even know were there? For federal agencies seeking increased productivity on tight budgets, revelations like that can bring huge sighs of relief.

With the White House’s “do more with less” mandate, federal agencies are going to have to squeeze more value from their existing IT investments. This means optimizing collaboration and information sharing, while spending less time on routine tasks to focus on more mission-critical ones.

With these factors in mind, Microsoft is proud to share a number of free new templates for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Online made available from a number of Microsoft partners. These templates help agencies accomplish routine tasks more efficiently, thereby saving time, money and effort. Feel free to explore the many templates available today, including:

These SharePoint templates underline the fact that SharePoint’s out-of-the-box capabilities extend far beyond just document libraries. We’ve designed these templates to serve as creative springboards for agencies to explore existing IT assets for capabilities they may not have known about. Most federal agencies currently use SharePoint, which means nearly the entire federal government has the chance to start saving in the near future. Expand the exploration concept to all federal IT assets, and we could all be breathing huge sighs of relief in years to come.

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